Sustainability & Black Friday

The Problem

Black Friday is a tricky subject for us. As a brand built on sustainable practise, it’s a commercial opportunity we’ve debated internally over the years.

Fast fashion giants offer extreme discounts, pressurising customers with flash 24 hour sales and encouraging over consumption - with no consideration for their environmental impact. During this period, it’s almost impossible for small, sustainability-focused businesses to compete. 

We want to reward our customers with exclusive discounts and great deals, however for us, this should never come at the cost of the planet.

Our Approach

We currently have some styles with 25% off. This promotion will run until the end of December, to encourage our customers to slow down and make considered purchase decisions. No panic buying or flash sales.

To mark Black Friday itself, this year we've decided to plant trees. For every order made on Friday 25th November 2022, we'll plant a tree - to give back to our customers and our planet.

More on Planting Trees

We’ve teamed up with Tree App to plant trees for Black Friday. We’ll be planting native and suitable tree species based on local biomes & climate. 

Once planted, local planting partners will give us updates on site developments on a monthly basis. Photo, video and drone footage will inform us of the growth of saplings and trees, so we can check how they’re growing.

TreeApp work with partners in countries across the world - including Peru, Nepal, Africa & Haiti - based on transparency of their operations, long-term impact and local benefits. Each partner must show evidence of reforestation of over 100,000 to qualify as a partner - plus no trees can be cut down for timber or other reasons.

 We still have a long way to go, but we hope more brands will work towards a calmer, considered approach to Black Friday going forward.