Sustainability & Ethics

We are committed to creating a more sustainable world and investing in regenerative solutions.

Environmentally-conscious production is at our core and we’ve built our business model to be as circular as possible. Sustainable practise a continually evolving landscape - hence our partnership with specialist low-impact suppliers ensure our supply chain is at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

As we learn, grow and educate ourselves, we are committed to sharing this knowledge with our community and offering our customers the most sustainable solutions viable.

We use regenerated industrial plastics, marine waste and fabric scraps to create the fabrics across our swimwear collections.

We work closely with our factories to source as responsibly as possible with a renewable focus, including recycled synthetic fibres and organic yarns. All of our recycled fabrics are certified under the Global Recycling Standard, meaning our fabrics have a significantly higher percentage of recycled fibre content compared to other recycled fabrics.

70% of our products are made from recycled or sustainable fabrics.

We work with certified suppliers to ensure safe working conditions, fair living wages, ethical and transparent practices across our global supply chain. Furthermore, each of our manufacturers is approved by a world-leading factory standards organisations SCOPE and SMETA. Our suppliers and their subcontractors must comply with our Code of Conduct. 

Our shipping bags are produced in the UK and are 100% recyclable. We’re currently working towards a more circular packaging solution - made from recycled materials, as well as being recyclable. We currently chose recyclable over compostable, as recycling is more accessible to our customers - which means less waste and correct afterlife disposal of packaging.

Our stock is never burnt or sent to landfill.

We work closely with our suppliers to plan our production and forecast sales - in order to create only as much as we need. Despite data-led planning, predicting product sales is complex science, which sometimes results in products selling much quicker or slower than expected. At the end of season, we can have excess or fragmented stock on certain lines. 

We’ve created an outlet of products for customers to shop at a reduced price. The outlet consists of permanently discounted, end of season styles - so our customers can enjoy our previous season styles while preventing any stock going to landfill or being burnt. Our samples are given to employees and customers or donated to local charities, depending on the product.