Our Community

Community is our core. We celebrate the beauty of our uniqueness.

We aim to build body confidence through championing our diversity and bringing together individual stories in one open, liberating space.

We believe in giving our community an outlet to fully be themselves. We are committed to bringing our customers, followers and advocates together to empower each other - sharing their stories and involving them in driving change in the industry.

Having an open dialogue with our customers to ensure we’re making products and delivering in a way that they love is essential to our success. This year, we’re going one step further to truly engage our community in shaping our brand’s future. Watch this space.

We believe everyone has the right to feel heard and we work with diverse talent across all industries.

From influencers and models to photographers and artists - we work with a network of individuals who live and breathe our ethos: empowering everybody to feel comfortable in their skin. Working with a diverse range of people from different background and industries drives our abundant, creative and inclusive culture.


Last year, as part of our community building initiative, we launched our #SkinImIn campaign - a platform to share stories about body image, life experiences and living in your own skin. We worked with over 50 members of our community who shared their stories. From post-pregnancy bodies to healing from trauma, we champion a safe space to share, learn and reflect on experiences. We’re ramping the campaign up this year - please email info@wearewewear or DM us on Instagram if you’d like to get involved. 

Photo grad from our #SkinImIn campaign